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Kathy McCarty will headline a show with the Handsome Geniuses on Friday, March 6th at the Carousel Lounge. Kathy McCarty sang Daniel Johnston’s "Walking the Cow" with us (the Handsome Geniuses) recently at The Hole in the Wall, and it was pretty GD awesome! The Original Version Kathy’s version The Handsome Geniuses version

Kathy McCarty established herself as a founding member and co-leader of the legendary Austin band Glass Eye. She has released two solo albums including the highly acclaimed Daniel Johnston tribute “Dead Dog’s Eyeball.”

As a founding member and co-leader of the legendary band Glass Eye, Kathy McCarty's idiosyncratic guitar work and stunning original songs gained an enthusiastic following on the indie college rock circuit in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

After Glass Eye she released two highly acclaimed solo albums - "Dead Dog's Eyeball" and "Another Day in the Sun." Kathy is currently recording new material for a planned 2020 release. For more information visit