The Handsome Geniuses were born with misshapen heads. This gives them a charming and resonant tone. Knowing that this would benefit Mankind, they rose from the subterranean nether regions of Austin, TX. They emerge, ugly and stupid; sauntering from the filth, they strap on their clown shoes, imbued with magical powers from the wet dryness of their music. Quack.


Lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, funny voices

Vanilla Boots

Backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards

D. Rex

Backing vocals, lead guitar, writer's block

Rick Who Opened for Bad Co

Drums, tour manager, Amgen/Epogen community outreach

And Special Guests

Clavin Deeterstone: Insane electric guitar leads, lederhosen, assorted baked goods

Bill Knuckles: Remote drummer, editorial commentator, AARP community outreach

Sarah G-widdy-doo-dah: Angelic backup vocals

Derek Bagwell: Lead guitar

Brian Young: Drums

Foster Calhoun: Vocals, guitar, keyboard

Rich McCulley: Lead guitar

Lee Thornburg: Horn arrangements and trumpet

Ron Dziubla: Horns

Dave Hissey: Lead guitar

Travis Ballstadt: Guitar

Anna Maria Rosales: Vocals

Brad Wait: Keyboard and guitar

Phil Parlapiano: Keyboard